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Advisory services with a product focus.

A suite of product-focused advisory services to help firms identify and execute on growth opportunities with a comprehensive product strategy.

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Our team brings over twenty-five years of experience as a senior executive in the contact center and customer experience industry bringing innovative ideas to market and delivering innovative solutions to customers worldwide.


As senior executives responsible for corporate and product strategy for a global software-as-a-service firm, our team brings a wealth of experience to firms looking to update existing product strategies or create new to capture emerging market opportunities. Building on his buy and sell-side M&A experiences, a strategy that includes both inorganic and organic focus.


As former founders of enterprise software ventures resulting in acquisitions by strategic buyers, we bring a depth of experience in taking ideas through a new product development process from idea to scale for organizations at all levels of maturity.


Having partnered and worked with many vendors in contact center and customer experience markets, our bring an independent view to companies looking to undergo a digital transformation initiative to update or enhance to create customer experiences worth talking about.

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    Advisory Services    

Product Strategy


  • Innovation Strategy: leveraging market trends and competitive analysis, identify medium to longer-term opportunities to drive new product development. Applies equally to early-stage and mature companies.

  • Product Portfolio Audit: a  review of your product portfolio to identify short and medium-term investments to capture a greater share of the market or increase competitive advantage.

  • Go To Market: analysis and recommendations on direct to indirect channels to market and the necessary investments to support pathways to existing and new market segments.

  • Pricing: review of existing pricing strategy and recommendations for maximizing financial returns.

Customer Experience


  • Customer Engagement: improve customer engagement with adoption digital channels like messaging and automated bots to engage and interact with customers while improving cost to serve and customer satisfaction.  

  • Back-Office: customer experience extends beyond your contact center to many back-office departments involved in the fulfillment of a customer request. A comprehensive customer experience strategy involves connecting the back-office into the customer journey providing visibility to all involved while also ensuring the right work is being done at the right time. 

M&A (Buy/Sell)


  • Buy-Side: support transaction team with advice focused on product, technology and market opportunities aligned to post-acquisition product roadmap and plans. 

  • Sell-Side: acquisition strategy development, analysis of the company readiness for entering acquisition discussions and development of investment presentation.​​

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